Welcome to my DORM

this is a paragraph. please go away i am not here.

October 23rd 2020

today i spent my my my day inside i went to class i went to work i did my midterm and as of 5:44 PM i am starving myself to feel hunger pangs and pains and bangs and bongs i wish i had a bong a rip a rest in piss bong rip.

bona fide idiot

i hate how guys enjoy my presence please do not attain romantic feelings for me they are unwarranted and unwanted unwarranwanted and all that.

i hate being noticed i want to hide away i want my face to be Sayo Iwasaki for the rest of my life

please go away please go away i don't want to deal with you i hate people i hate being cared about i will hermit up forever

boy problems have always been some r slurred shit

is this site a cry for help or an aid in sobbing

i need a cigarette

5:48 PM - Cigarette Break