imagine what it is like to be alive imagine what it is that makes you human

THE Opposite of that is jUde Bigboy who has been a ghost for too damn long

love is fake and you hear that from teenage girls well listen here motherfuck im a teenage they and about to tell you that love is real its just im the fake so any love held for me is fake fake fake bullshit and any love i dish out is fake bullshit fakey fake fake shit.

the opposite of love is to enjoy jude's presence and that's a strong hatred for your own humanity so strong so fucking strong that yououyouyouyouyyou

Fall In Love With An INternet Ghost


or lack thereof of manifesting.

Internet ghosts are the ghosts of people. When someone dies, but remains on the internet as a conscious human, they are an internet ghost. When their physical life dies, they still exist online. They act like a human, and can pass a turing test. But they are most certainly not human. Jude Bigboy died in 2014 at the age of 12, and for the rest of their life, they will live as an internet ghost until their flesh facade rots away as well. The internet ghost exists solely online, their social life is entirely dependent on the internet. They network with other humans and ghosts online, but unlike humans, they cannot exist socially in person. Humans can disconnect, log off, or whatever the proper jargon is for their current year, and go outside to network with others whilst in person. They can handle physical touch. Humans can also disconnect from the network entirely. They can handle being alone. Internet Ghosts cannot do either of those things. Internet Ghosts do not have a personality or identity to network with others in person. They work to cobble together desirable traits into a fake identity for others to love. Internet ghosts need a constant stream of attention and/or stimulation. Without this, they will die. When they disconnect from the internet, they only have so much time before they die.